Black Bear Closes House Door After Woman Gently Urges It to Leave


A New Jersey woman proved a polite tone can go a long way, even when it comes to getting a wild animal to do what she needed: leave her home.

Susan Kehoe, who lives in Highland Lakes, recorded as she gently urged a black bear to close the door of her house after it opened it.  

“Close the door, sweetie,” she could be heard telling the bear. “No, no, no, hon. Close the door. Close the door.”
The bear appears to listen to Kehoe, using its mouth to pull the door closed.  

“Good boy! Close it. Close it. Oh, what a good boy!” Kehoe said, but even as she praised the bear, she knew it wasn’t entirely ready to leave. 

“You’re going to open it again, aren’t you?” she said. 

Yes, it did! 

“Close the door you little stinker,” she said.  

It’s not unusual to see bears lurking around Kehoe’s neighborhood. Inside Edition was there as several could be spotted on Kehoe’s property, and that particular bear who entered her home had shown up to her house earlier this year.  

But Kehoe said she felt she knew what to do so the bear that made its way into her house wouldn’t get aggressive.  

“They can tell by the tone of your voice (how to react),” she told Inside Edition.


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