Black Lab Viciously Attacks 8 Year-Old Boy at Daycare Center


A vicious dog attack on Connor Aranda’s daycare center left an 8-year old boy in serious condition. Connor Aranda was bitten on the chest, arm, and face by a Labrador retriever.

The attack took place at a private house that was being used as an Apple Valley daycare center. 

Connor and his 6-year old sister were just dropped off by their mother. They were sitting in the front room together with other children when Duke, the black lab, began biting them. His sister claims she witnessed the entire thing.

“We’ve been there for two months and the dog knows us very well. The dog just acted like he didn’t know him and just attacked him,”The girl replied.

Labs are loved by many families because of their gentle nature and ability to interact with children. 

Connor’s mom said that she didn’t think twice about the dog’s presence.

“I figured he was good with kids, because she had four kids of her own,”She said. 

Dr. Katja Long, a veterinarian, states that labs do not occur often. “associated with these bite incidents.”

“In general, any dog has the capacity to be aggressive if they’re put in a situation where they’re stressed out,” Lang said. 

Connor resisted and punched Duke in the nose. The little boy claims he’s feeling sad and that it hurts too bad to smile. 

His family set up a GoFundMePage to pay for medical expenses

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