Blake Lively Making Ryan Reynolds Quit Hollywood


Is it? Ryan Reynolds Are you considering retiring from Hollywood? One tabloid claims Blake LivelyShe is demanding that he spend more time with her children. Let’s check in on the Green Lantern co-stars-turned-couple.

Blake Lively forcing Ryan Reynolds to Stop Acting

The headline for one article in the current edition of Woman’s Day Reads “Ryan Quits Hollywood.” According to the tabloid, Reynolds shocked his fans by announcing that he’ll be taking a “long break”From acting. However, the tabloid insists on his “dramatic decision to walk away from one of the highest-paid careers in Hollywood history”This is no mystery. Blake Lively may be the reason.

“Between movies and his businesses, he has no time for her and the kids,”Insider source recipes “Blake is craving a normal life and she told him something has to go.” And since Lively and Reynolds boast a combined $240 million net worth, they’re totally able to skip some acting gigs. “Blake couldn’t be happier,”The tipster muses. “She’s looking forward to domestic bliss and family dinners every night. She’s even hoping they’ll try for another child while he’s on this hiatus.”

Here’s What’s Really Going On

Fans of Ryan Reynolds don’t need to fret — the actor isn’t gone for good. This article is a complete bait-and-switch. Although the title promises to show readers how Reynolds works, it is actually a complete bait-and-switch. “quit Hollywood,”Only the actual report explains that Reynolds is going on a long rest. Even then, the magazine is wrong and didn’t even bother to share Reynolds’ actual statement.

Reynolds recently posted on Instagram that he celebrated the end of filming for his upcoming movie. Spirited. Reynolds mentions at the end that “Perfect time for a little sabbatical from movie making. I’m gonna miss every second working with this obscenely gifted group of creators and artists.”

Reynolds is just taking a brief break after an exceptionally busy year. But rest assured, he’ll be back soon. A quick glance at the actor’s IMDB page reveals he Multiple projects are in the pipelineIncludes Deadpool 3 Clue is now available in a new film adaptation.

Reynolds’ decision to take a breather is extremely understandable and not the dramatic farewell the tabloid describes. It’s obvious the magazine just wanted to use Reynold’s decision to insinuate drama into his marriage.

The Tabloid on Famous Couples

But this isn’t the first time Woman’s Day According to the outlet, a couple was having difficulties when they were actually doing well. In a report earlier this year, the magazine claimed that Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis were heading for a $315 million divorce. The magazine also reported that Colin Jost had split with Scarlett Johansson. The magazine also reported that Julia Roberts and Danny Moder had split. “crisis point”Their marriage. It is clear that Woman’s Day isn’t the authority on celebrity relationships it pretends to be.

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