Blake Lively’s Reaction to Ryan Reynolds Buying a Soccer Team


Ryan ReynoldsHe is involved in the soccer industry. He and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphiastar Rob McElhenneyThey are co-owners at Wrexham AFC. This club is in the fifth tier English soccer. What is it? Blake Lively think of her husband’s venture? Reynolds recently shared her side.

Ryan Reynolds Owns A Soccer Team

A situation described on Ted LassoMcElhenney, Reynolds, and McElhenney have a Welsh soccer team. The pair purchased the club in 2020 in hopes of helping it rise through the ranks of soccer, but it’s obviously not been easy.

What does Blake Lively feel?

An episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!McElhenney hosted Reynolds’ conversation about how their friendship developed and their soccer investment. Reynolds said that Reynolds was the one who first introduced them. “I kind of slid into your DMs.”Reynolds watched the finale of season 13 It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaAnd he was so moved, he had no choice but to congratulate the star. The Deadpool star was especially touched by a black and white dance sequence through which McElhenney’s character, Mac, expresses his journey to accept his own sexuality.

“I have bad news and I have really bad news. The bad news is I slipped into someone’s DMs again. The really bad news is that I might’ve bought half of a fifth-tier national football team in Wales.” McElhenney asks what Lively’s reaction was to all of this.

“Not good Rob, no. We’re still working through that one,”Reynolds laughs at Reynolds. While he’s obviously jesting, it’s not hard to imagine Lively being quite shocked by news like this. That being said, Lively and Reynolds haven’t split up over it or anything like that. On Valentine’s Day, she posted a photo of Reynolds with the caption “Find me a better friend…I’ll wait.”

All For A Documentary

Reynolds and McElhenney’s investment in the team is all part of a new docuseries chronicling their journey. Wrexham is your homeIt will premiere on August 24th on FX, Hulu and Hulu. This series is heavily inspired by the Netflix documentary. Sunderland ‘Til I Die, which followed the Sunderland AFC as it cratered down the ranks of English soccer. This one should be a tad more pleasant—it even captures Reynolds’ and McElhenney’s first time meeting in person.

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Filming began in December 2020, and the crew continued filming for at least one year. One can’t help but wonder if Lively will make an appearance or two as well.

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