Blake Shelton Allegedly Furious With Gwen Stefani’s Ex-Husband Gavin Rossdale Over Reported Feud, Gossip Claims


Do Blake Shelton Gavin RossdaleAre you a fan of beef? According to one report, Shelton is angry with beef Gwen Stefani over her ex’s behavior. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Guru Gavin Bugs Blake!’

According to the National EnquirerRossdale is known for his need to belittle Shelton at every opportunity. He is now said to be offering Shelton free health and beauty tips. “Gavin’s offered to be Blake’s fashion and diet guru because the guy put on a few pounds and can’t seem to wear anything besides dad jeans and boring shirts,” a source reveals.

This is supposedly more than teasing, as Rossdale’s apparently fuming with jealousy at seeing his ex with a new man. The hatred is mutual. A source says, “Blake is very alpha-male so he’d never show it bothers him, but it absolutely does.”Shelton will spiral into madness if Rossdale is mentioned around her.

The real issue, the insider warns, is Stefani’s children. Rossdale has blocked Shelton’s formal adoption of the children. A spy concludes, “That’s a big part of why Gavin goads him. He wants to be sure Blake knows his place!’

What’s Going On With Blake Shelton?

This entire story is based off a previous one. InquireArticle stating that Blake Shelton was fighting Gavin Rossdale for custody of his children. This claim was totally bogus. Shelton is close to the children, but he’s never hinted at any dissatisfaction being their stepfather.

It doesn’t look like the two men really have any relationship, thorny or otherwise. It doesn’t look like the two men have a relationship, thorny or otherwise. Rossdale and Shelton sat in their own sections during a recent football game for Stefani and Rossdale’s son Apollo. The couple is still trying to figure out what it means to be co-parents with their new partners.

As for the diet and beauty tips, that’s just a thinly veiled attack on Shelton’s person. Rossdale barely acknowledges Shelton’s existence, but he’s not publicly accusing him of gaining weight. The Inquire is just trying to bash Shelton’s looks despite the fact that he once won Sexiest Man Alive. We’re still not sure he deserved that accolade, but it’s proof enough for this story to go in the trash.

What about The Feud!

Rossdale and Stefani are often in the crosshairs at this outlet. 2017 was the year that it was revealed that Stefani was jealous about Elin Nordegren, his girlfriend. Rossdale and Nordegren have never been together, so this is bogus. Stefani became angry with his girlfriend Gwen Singer a few years later for being too similar. They have absolutely nothing in common, even though they share the same first names.

If Rossdale and Shelton have a rivalry brewing, they’ve done an excellent job of hiding it. We’ve seen no public jabs between the two, nor should you expect them. This is a bogus story.

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