Blake Shelton Allegedly ‘Smashing The Scales’At ‘300-Plus Pounds,’Gwen Stefani is Supposedly “Turned off”, Dubious Report Claims


Is it? Blake Shelton‘s marriage to Gwen Stefani in jeopardy because of his recent weight gain? According to one tabloid, Stefani is sick of telling Shelton to get on a diet. Let’s take a look at Shelton and Stefani’s first year of marriage.

Gwen Stefani Fed Up With Blake’s ‘Blubber’?

This week, Globe reports Blake Shelton has packed on one pound too many, and now he’s suffering Gwen Stefani’s wrath. Stefani is fed up that the country star has gained nearly 300 pounds. “Before they got married last summer, Blake threw himself into getting fit and he dropped nearly 50 pounds but he’s gained that back, plus a bunch more,”Insiders reveal. “Gwen’s really turned off by how far he’s let himself go. She keeps dropping hints that he should get things under control but he’s totally ignoring her.”

Evidently, Stefani is careful about counting calories, but Shelton can eat right in front of her. “It’s gross, but more than that she worried about what it’s doing to his health,”The tipster is trustworthy. “She’s begged him so many times to clean up his diet, but he refuses to listen.” Sources say that if Shelton doesn’t make a change soon, he may lose Stefani for good. “It’s obvious that Gwen is losing her patience for Blake’s binge eating and total lack of self-care… If he doesn’t get his hands out of the breadbasket, he’s risking losing Gwen.”

Blake Shelton ‘Grossing Out’ Gwen Stefani?

This report is disgusting. First of all, the outlet has no right to talk about Blake Shelton’s weight in this manner. The outlet doesn’t know Shelton, and it certainly doesn’t have the medical expertise to criticize his health. Given the magazine’s insistence on insulting Shelton, we are absolutely incapable of taking this story seriously.

The outlet’s treatment of Stefani is just as offensive. According to the tabloid’s logic, Stefani would stop loving her husband simply because he gained some weight. We trust that Shelton and Stefani’s bond is deep enough that trivial matters such as appearance have no bearing on their love for each other. It seems that they are judging by Stefani gives an interviewOnly last week Ellen DeGeneres Show, we’re certain her feelings towards Shelton haven’t changed one bit.

“The marriage is so so fun, and I’m so into it. And I feel very blessed,”Stefani gushed. “He’s my best friend. He’s so much fun.”She said Shelton has helped her realize her farming dreams and that she is a great help. “literally on the tractor right now turning dirt for me.”Later, in the same interview she admits that “Blake Shelton”This is her obsession. Stefani posts a lot of their favorite country dishes as a family via Instagram. So, no, we definitely aren’t believing this magazine’s ridiculous story.

Are We Ever Heard It Before?

This re-run is unfortunately very well known. This isn’t the first time the Globe claimed Blake Shelton’s weight was a problem for Gwen Stefani. The magazine stated that Stefani had already started Shelton’s diet in 2019. And then, as recent as last November, the outlet reported Stefani was worried about Shelton’s “blubbery” appearance. It is obvious that the Globe is the only one obsessing over Shelton’s weight.