Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were not the only ones to be surprised by their relationship, she was too!


Many people were surprised to learn that pop star Gwen Stefani and country singer Blake Shelton had struck up a relationship—and that includes Stefani! She recently said that she believed she wouldn’t fall in love with anyone again after she split from her first husband. 

Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton’s Relationship

While appearing on Drew Barrymore ShowStefani shared her feelings about Shelton’s relationship. The pair started dating in 2015 after they both divorced their previous spouses—Stefani was married to Bush singer and guitarist Gavin Rossdale, while Shelton was with country singer Miranda Lambert. 

Stefani and Shelton became engaged in 2020. The couple got married the year after. Barrymore asked Stefani to celebrate their second anniversary. Stefani instantly began talking about her husband. 

She thought her life was perfect. ‘Over’Before Meeting Shelton

“God just put us together,” She shared. “It was one of those miracle situations where I didn’t see it coming, I was like, ‘I’m gonna wake up every day, I’m gonna have a coffee, I’m gonna take care of my kids and then I’m gonna go to bed.’ Like I’m never gonna kiss anyone.”

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She continued: “I thought my life was over and then Blake Shelton’s like, ‘Hey. I’m Blake Shelton.’”Stefani also discussed the fact that many wonder if Shelton and Stefani have anything in common. 

According to the singer, finding a friend who is a good friend is important. “on the same plane when it comes to morals or just the way you look at life”This is the ultimate goal. “We think the same about things yet we’re so different,” Stefani continued. “Like, he’s watching football and doing his stuff that he does and I’m putting makeup on. We are so different yet we’re so the same on so many levels.”

The Couple Shows Love on Social Media

Even though many think Stefani and Shelton are an odd pair, it’s clear the two are more in love than ever. The couple frequently show up on each other’s social media accounts, from at-home photos and videos to shots from The VoiceThey both serve as judges.

“my work husband *AND* real husband,” Stefani captioned a picture of the pair, with Shelton in one of the singing competition show’s famous red chairs. Shelton Also, they showed their love recentlyHe posted a photo of them posing at the Matrix Awards red carpet and called his wife his. “favorite person.”It seems that, no matter how different Shelton or Stefani are, there is one thing they share: their love for each other.

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