Blaze Sent Commuters Fleeing Boston Train Fire, Caused By Loose Metal Hitting Electrified Thirdrail, Blaze


Officials claimed that the loose metal fragment that struck the electrified rail caused a fire alarm on a Boston commuter railway. The Massachusetts governor called it an “incident”. “a colossal failure.”

After fire destroyed the lead train as it crossed the Mystic River, terrified commuters fled the subway train in Boston. 

It was the latest mishap for the troubled Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Officials stated that one passenger ran into the water below to escape from the flames. 

According to the transit authority, the inferno occurred at 6:45 a.m. when the Orange Line train was headed towards the Assembly station in Somerville. Around 200 commuters marched to the waiting shuttle buses.

“Obviously, today is just a colossal failure,”Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker spoke at a press conference following the fire. “Today we all get an F. Let’s face it,”The governor stated.

Transit system fatality this spring. A battery explosion at Wellington train a few weeks back caused authorities to temporarily remove Orange and Red Line cars.

In June, the Federal Transit Administration stated that the MBTA needed to “raise the bar on safety.” According to the governor, the federal agency will help with the investigation into Thursday’s fire.

The fire did not cause any injuries, and the person who jumped into Mystic was not treated by the train authority.

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