Blockbuster’s Randall Park and Melissa Fumero Discuss Accurate Set


Blockbuster This is called rewinding the tape.  

The Netflix sitcom, which premiered Nov. 3, follows the manager and staff of the last Blockbuster Video store in the world as they grapple with their place in a high-tech society. Stars agree. Melissa Fumero And Randall ParkIt was like being on set. stepping into a relic of the past—quite literally. 

“The carpet was just the right amount of gross,” Fumero exclusively joked to E! News. Meanwhile, Park quipped that even “signage was askew just the right amount.”

All of these period-accurate details—including those featuring the iconic video rental catchphrase “Be Kind. Rewind.”—weren’t just for fun. Fumero noted that it was an immersive experience for all who entered the fake store.

“It was just very fun for me to watch the faces of everyone that walked on who were like, ‘Oh, wow,'” Fumero said. “They were immediately taken back.”

Park said that the experience was unforgettable. “trippy,”This is how it should be said “stepping onto that set for the first time felt like walking into my neighborhood Blockbuster.”

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