Bloke, 33, who flashed middle finger to 66-year-old woman in road rage row jailed


A 33-year-old bloke has been convicted after showing his middle finger at a woman when he flew into a rage.

The man, convicted for making vulgar gestures at a 66-year-old, was reportedly trying to overtake when tempers flared.

The woman was in her car with her son at a time when they approached a traffic signal.

They noticed a red car came from the left side and pushed them towards the divider, in Mumbai, India.

The bizarre incident continued for another 100 metres and the woman noticed the car was attempting to overtake them.

Afterwards, when they reached another signal, the red car stopped and the accused is said to have pulled down the window and showed them a middle finger.

The man flew into a rage when he tried to overtake the car
The man flew into a rage when he tried to overtake the car (stock)

The woman tried to keep the situation calm to keep the peace, however, the driver of the red car attempted to get away.

Her son blocked his vehicle from fleeing and the man was arrested and taken to the police station.

He was booked under Sections 354A (sexual harassment), 345D (stalking), and 509 (gestures towards outraging modesty of a woman) of the Indian Penal Code.

The woman was shown rude gestures and the middle finger (stock)
The woman was shown rude gestures and the middle finger (stock)

The accuser alleged the complainant had filed similar reports before to ‘extract money’ and her son was a lawyer who used his ‘influence’ for it to be reported.

However, the Magistrates’ Court refuted these reports and said her son working in law does not mean police follow it through.

The court also stated the woman was travelling with her son and wouldn’t make false allegations of gestures in front of him on petty issues. It added the complainant and accused were unknown to each other prior to the incident.

“The advocate can be the victim of the crime and where advocate or his relative are victim of the crime. Certainly they will take action against the wrong doer, so it does not mean that it is the false FIR,” the order said.

“Merely because she was the victim of such type of crime more than once, does not mean that she is in a habit of filing such type of complaints to extract the money,” the Court stated.

The man was sent to jail for 6 months by Girgaum Metropolitan Magistrate.

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