Blunders: A Ukrainian sausage dog reaches the UK before its owner fled warzone.



A Ukrainian sausage dog arrived in Britain before its 17 year-old owner. He is now stuck in Germany after a series blunders.

After his visa was issued with an incorrect birth date, Ivan Pavliuk was not able to reach his mother and step-father in Stoke-on-Trent.

Ivan was instructed to travel the 40-mile distance to Dusselsdorf to get his replacement UK visa. He was staying with his aunt in Gevelsberg. He was informed that no such visa existed when he arrived in the UK on Friday, June 17.

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After receiving a German pet passport, Cheze, his pet dachshund, is now living in Stoke-on-Trent. Also check out our Dachshund Breed Guide.

According to reports, Ivan was told to go back to Dusseldorf, where his visa is still waiting. This means that he will finally be able join his family after 10 weeks. Ivan fled his home in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine after the conflict started

After the conflict began Ivan fled Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine) and took refuge with his family.
(Image: Stoke Sentinel / BPM Media)

After Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion, Ivan fled Ivano-Frankivsk wearing only the clothes and passport he had, as well as his birth certificate and passport.

He has been living in Germany with his mother’s sister since then.

Jonathan, Ivan’s stepfather, stated to StokeOnTrentLive the staff received the printed email from the visa application centre on Wednesday, June 15, and was informed that Ivan could travel despite the wrong date.

They did not give him anything in writing. Jonathan’s solicitor reached out to the Home Office for advice and was informed that Ivan could not travel with the visa she had received on April 11.

According to the family, they have verified all information provided when they applied for the Ukrainian family visa on March 18 and found that there was an error with the Home Office.

Putin launched the invasion of Ukraine in February this year
Putin launched the invasion in Ukraine in February 2018.
(Image: Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images)

Jonathan, 55, contacted Jonathan Gullis (MP) at the weekend. Jonathan informed his family yesterday (June 21st), that they will soon be reunited to Ivan.

Jonathan stated: “I just want to thank MP Jonathan Gullis for his speedy response in helping resolve this matter and giving some common sense to the situation.

“This has caused unnecessary stress and an emotional rollercoaster over the past months. It could have been easily resolved faster if someone from the UK Immigration Department had done their job properly.

“We are so happy that we will be a family again soon, but will not be celebrating just yet until Ivan has his UK visa in his hand.”

Gullis said that he was sorry to hear about how Ivan has been treated. It is hard to imagine his mother’s pain.

Ukrainian towns continue to suffer heavy Russian bombardment
Ukrainian towns continue to be under heavy Russian bombardment
(Image: AFP via Getty Images).

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“I contacted Home Office officials and Parliamentary aides to the Home Office about Ivan’s case.

“My office have today spoken directly with the Home Office who escalated the case and in a further update this afternoon I have been informed Ivan’s rectified visa can now be collected from the visa application centre in Dusseldorf.

“I will be raising this unacceptable situation with the relevant Minister as mistakes which have caused considerable anxiety and stress for this family should never have happened.

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