Boater believes a pod of dolphins led him to rescue naked woman floating in the ocean off California Coast


Moments after admiring a breathtaking view of a pod of dolphins, the crew of a sailboat off the coast of California spotted something else in the ocean — a human hand. 

College professor Koz Khosravani couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a naked woman was floating in the water.

“She had just enough energy to just [wave her arm] one more time,”Khosravani shared his thoughts with Inside Edition.

Incredibly, it was the professor’s maiden voyage on the boat he had just bought. He also had just completed boat-safety training. 

Khosravani and friends brought the woman aboard, and covered her with towels and blankets. She was exhausted, freezing and couldn’t speak. 

The 26 year-old woman had been skinny dipping at Venice Beach at midnight and was then swept by the current. She was in water for 12 hours.

Khosravani believes that the dolphins actually led his boat towards the woman.

“They really directed me to her. I would have never, ever seen her if it wasn’t for the dolphins,”He said.

 The woman spent three days in the hospital recovering from extreme hypothermia. 

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