Bob Rafelson is dead at 89. He was the Monkees founder and director of ‘Five Easy Pieces.


Bob Rafelson was co-creator. The Monkees He helped make Jack Nicholson a star. Five Simple PiecesHe has passed away. He was 89. Gabrielle, Gabrielle’s wife, said that he died Saturday night from natural causes at their Aspen, Colorado, home. The Hollywood Reporter.

Rafelson was born February 21, 1933 in New York City. Before he co-founded Raybert Productions with Bert Schneider, he began his Hollywood career in 1960s as a TV writer. Their first project together was The MonkeesThe Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series was awarded to, and. Despite The Monkees Although the show was viewed as a teen fad, it was revolutionary for a sitcom with its energetic editing, music sequences, and music sequences that predated the advent of music videos. Although there were only 58 episodes, they were still very popular. The MonkeesSchneider and Rafelson continue to be influenced by it and their success allowed them to successfully transition to films.

Rafelson directed the first movie, which starred in the Monkees. HeadThe co-written version of this article was done with Nicholson. Head Although it was an unremarkable failure, it became a classic and established Rafelson’s successful collaboration with Nicholson. They worked again together on Five Easy PiecesThe film earned Rafelson Oscar nominations in Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay, and Nicholson was a star.

Between Head AndFive Simple PiecesRaybert also produced Dennis Hopper’s Easy RiderIt became a cultural phenomenon. Raybert was transformed by Stephen Blauner’s joining of BBS Productions. Five Simple PiecesThis was their first major project. BBS produced Peter Bogdanovich’s book. The Last Picture ShowRafelson’s is a highly underrated talent The King of Marvin Gardens, and the Nicholson -directed Drive, He Said. The controversial Oscar-winning Vietnam War documentary Hearts and Minds was the company’s final film.

Rafelson’s postBBS work wasn’t always successful. However, he kept making interesting movies right through 2002. In 1976, he directed Arnold Schwarzenegger in Stay HungryJeff Bridges and Sally Field. He again worked with Nicholson.The Postman Always Rings Twice(1981), and also Man Trouble (1992) Wine and Blood (1997). (1997). No Good deedThe 2002 thriller “The Killing”, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Milla Jovovich. In 1986, he directed Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long”Video music

Rafelson’s first spouse was Toby Carr Rafelson, a production designer on Five Easy PiecesMartin Scorsese Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. His second wife Gabrielle, their sons Ethan, Harper, and Karen, as well as a nephew, are his survivors. 

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