Bob Saget Investigation Remains Closed Despite Questions Some Have About His Cause of Death


With the details of how Bob Saget died now revealed, the confusion over how such a blow to the head could have happened and caused such severe trauma has only increased.  

Now, there are calls for the investigation into the comedian’s shocking death to be reopened.  

Several prominent doctors say Saget’s catastrophic, multiple head injuries could not have been caused by a simple fall, as authorities said.

Dr. Daniel Barrow, chairman of neurosurgery at Emory University School of Medicine, told Inside Edition he saw nothing in the hotel room that could have caused Saget’s massive head injuries.

“The findings just don’t jive with the story that this gentleman had a ground-level fall in a hotel room, apparently shrugged it off and then died in his sleep,” Barrow said. “If a patient came into my emergency room and had these injuries, I would suspect that they’d been in a serious motor vehicle accident, perhaps assaulted, had a fall down from a height, maybe down a flight of stairs.”

“Something doesn’t add up,” Barrow continued.

Another top neurosurgeon, Gavin Britz, compared Saget’s injuries to “a baseball bat to the head,” The New York Times reported.

The investigation is also being challenged on social media by Saget’s fans. 

“No wrongdoing found. Something doesn’t make sense,” a former federal prosecutor wrote.

Inside Edition spoke to former Orlando homicide detective Joel Wright, who says many questions remain unanswered about the circumstances of Saget’s death in room 962 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Orlando.

“Start by really examining that room to find out what he could have hit his head on,” Wright said.

But Orange County Sheriff John Mina says the case is closed.

“The room was clean, no signs of a struggle. So we believe the death was accidental,” Mina said.

Saget’s college buddy, Bruce Hamilton, now an anchor at WJXT-TV in Jacksonville, conducted the late actor’s last interview. He says reopening the case isn’t necessary.

“There’s nothing more that could have been done. Bob was gone when the police got there. Why dredge other things up? It’s that simple,” Hamilton said.

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