Bodybuilder Accused of Shooting Parents Arrested After Police Used OnStar to Track, Slow Down Car


A 30-year-old bodybuilder was charged with shooting his own parents in their New York home on Christmas Day.

Now, more information is being revealed about the high-tech way he was apprehended by police.

Dino Tomassetti was chased down by a New Jersey state trooper as he fled in a Cadillac Escalade, according to a police dashcam video.

Police knew exactly where Tomassetti was by following him on the vehicle’s OnStar GPS system. They remotely slowed down the vehicle before bringing it to a full stop on a quiet stretch of Route 17 to avoid causing an accident.

Police ordered Tomassetti out of the car. He kneeled with his hands behind his head as officers with weapons drawn inspected the vehicle to make sure he had no accomplices. 

“We wait until they assess the circumstances and give us an indication that they believe conditions are safe. They will take into consideration traffic,” OnStar emergency services director Catherine Bishop told Inside Edition. 

On Monday, the 240-pound suspect appeared in court to face indictment on attempted murder charges. 

Both his parents, who survived the shooting, were at the court appearance to support their son. Rocco Tomassetti was shot in the back and wrist, and Vincenza Tomasetti was shot in the head. 

“His mom, his dad, as well as the mother of his child were all here today in full and complete support of him, as they have been since day one,” Dino Tomassetti’s lawyer William Patrillo said. 

The shooting took place at their $3.5 million mansion in Hewlett Harbor, Long Island.

Tomassetti broke down in court after locking eyes with his father. He has pleaded not guilty.

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