Boris Johnson is accused of being openly blackmailed over Russian ‘bunga-bunga’ parties


Labour MP Matt Western claimed British intelligence services may “not entirely trust”Boris Johnson was accused of being open to blackmail by his accuser after he allegedly attended a Russian oligarch’s ‘bunga-bunga’ parties

Boris Johnson is accused of blackmailing himself by attending ‘bungabunga’ parties hosted in his honor by a Russian oligarch.

And Labour MP Matt Western claimed British intelligence services “may not entirely trust”He asked the Prime Minister why that was.

Mr Western was referring specifically to claims made by former Tory minister Rory Stewart that he was invited at Evgeny Leondev’s Italian mansion to attend a party. “there were going to be girls”Johnson

Former Conservative minister said that he was approached by the Tory Party at its conference in 2018. “Boris Johnson’s deputy”In the Foreign Office

The Prime Minister is currently under severe pressure for his links to Evgeny lebedev, the media mogul.

It follows reports claiming MI5 and MI6 raised concerns before the PM elevated Baron Lebedev -the son of ex-KGB officer and Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev – to the House of Lords in 2020.

Mister Western answered the Prime Minister’s Questions question by asking Mr Johnson: “A Fantasy castle, perhaps Snow White too, certainly girls girls girls were promised at a party. Less burlesque, more Berlusconi.

“An ex-minister claims that the Prime minister was entertained at these bunga bunga parties hosted his Russian friend.

He continued: “Given his many weaknesses could leave him open to blackmail, why does the PM think that MI6 may not entirely trust him?”

Johnson did not respond to the allegations.

He said: “I’m afraid last week I wasn’t here to benefit from one of his elaborately confected questions.

“While I admire his style Mr Speaker, I have to admit that I am unable to discern any substance in the ministrone nonsense he has just spoken.

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