Boris Johnson “said that he couldn’t get involved” to Muslim MP during the sacking rows


Conservative MP Nusrat Khani was considering quitting politics following an encounter with a Government whip she claims said that she had spoken for her “Muslimness was raised as an issue”at a Downing Street gathering

According to some reports, the prime Minister stated that he “couldn’t get involved”After being sacked for her faith, a Muslim MP called him to start an investigation. “Muslimness”She replied,

Conservative MP Nusrat Khani claims Boris Johnson told Nusrat that he didn’t want to get involved in the row after she was fired from her position as junior transport minister in February 2020.

Ms. Ghani claims that a Tory whip stated her belief in Islam after the reshuffle “raised an issue”..

Ms. Ghani was contacted by the PM “expressing his serious concern” “invited”According to the Number 10, spokesperson, she can complain in writing.

However, Ms Ghani now has a statement and claims that Mr Johnson declined to be involved in the matter after she made it public. “urged him to take it seriously” “instigate an inquiry”.

According to Sky News, says: “When I told the PM in June 2020 what had been said to me in the government Whips’ office I urged him to take it seriously as a government matter and instigate an inquiry.

“He told me he couldn’t participate and suggested I use an internal Conservative Party complaint process.

“This, as I had already pointed out, was very clearly not appropriate for something that happened on government business.

“Yesterday, I made sure not to mention names or implicate Prime Minister.

“All I have ever wanted was for his government to take this seriously, investigate properly and ensure no other colleague has to endure this.

“There are many things I would like to do in politics, including my campaigns for human rights and genocide. I am deeply disappointed it is not possible.”

The Mirror understands that the PM initially wrote to the Tory MP for Wealden more than a week after their meeting.

Ms Ghani was a transport minister from January 2018 until February 2020.

The married mum became the first female MP to hold her seat in 2015, winning with a majority of 22,967.

She considered quitting politics after her interaction with a Government whip who reportedly said her “Muslimness was brought up as an issue” at a Downing Street meeting, she told the Sunday Times.

The whip is also claimed to have said her “Status of Muslim woman minister made colleagues uncomfortable”, and questioned her loyalty to the Party.

The meeting in question was held back in March 2020, reports say.

In the full Number 10 statement, the spokesman said: “The Prime Minister was made aware of these serious claims and met with Nusrat Khani to discuss them.

“He then wrote to her expressing his serious concern and He then wrote to her expressing his serious concern.

“She didn’t do it again. The Conservative Party will not tolerate discrimination or prejudice of any kind.