Boris Johnson to be ‘heavily deleted’ Sue Gray report in the ‘coming hours’


Boris Johnson could receive a censored report on the Downing Street lockdown parties from the police in the coming hours, it has been suggested. The censored findings are expected to be published next week

A “heavily redacted“ report into the Downing Street lockdown parties will be handed over to Boris Johnson “in the coming hours”It was claimed tonight.

Sue Gray, a senior civil service official, held the report hostage after insisting that it should be made public by the Met Police. “minimal reference”to all parties who are the subject of a criminal investigation by the police.

Sky News reports that the censored findings of MPs will be published next week, once they return to the Commons.

The Met’s move to limit the report led to furious claims of a stitch-up and was tonight slammed by lawyers and legal experts. Nazir Afzal is a former chief crown prosecutionsor. “This is absolute nonsense from the Met Police.”

Adam Wagner, human rights advocate for Adam Wagner, stated: “How would a factual civil service report about events the police are investigating ‘prejudice’ their investigation?”

Angrily Tory MPs threatened to trigger a vote against confidence in Mr Johnson. Ex-PM Theresa May warned “nobody is above the law”According to Keir Sternmer, Labour leader Keir Stemer stated the “country deserves better”.

Others in opposition turned their anger against Met chief Cressida Dick.

Ed Davey, the leader of the Lib Dems said that “a stitch-up between the Met leadership and No10 will damage our politics for generations”.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, tweeted: “This gets murkier by the minute.”

The Met argued that the move was necessary. “avoid any prejudice”to their inquiry.

Catherine Roper, Met Commander said that the report was not being delayed. She stated that officers would review material from the Cabinet Office. “without fear or favour”.

Downing Street denied any involvement in the Met investigation as the PM went to Chequers Country for the weekend.

Seven Tory MPs publicly called for his resignation so far.