Boris Johnson was accused of failing to follow the mask-wearing rules in a packed theatre


Despite numerous reminders from attendees, the Prime Minister was seen with his mask on his chin at Almeida theatre.

Boris Johnson has been accused by ignoring rules regarding mask-wearing AGAINThis time, at a packed theatre.

Witnesses reported that the Prime Minister failed to cover up during the first half of Macbeth’s production on Tuesday night. He also refused to go back at the bar after the interval.

Sources say he had his mask around his neck during the first half and then removed it completely during the second. The Guardian.

The website of the Almeida Theatre in Islington, near the £3.75m townhouse sold after his divorce, tells punters: “Face coverings are no longer required by law. However, the government still recommends people wear face covers in enclosed areas and crowded places.

“For this reason and to help protect our staff, cast and other audience members, we ask all our visitors to continue to wear a face covering while in the theatre, unless exempt or when eating or drinking.”

It is just days after Prime Minister Tony Blair apologised for not wearing a mask. “barely 30 seconds”A hospital had already told him three times to wear it.

Mirror also reported that the PM was seen without a mask while riding on a packed train earlier in the week. He also defended his decision to go mask-free in front of Sir David Attenborough, 95 years old, at the COP26 climate summit.

The PM’s Press Secretary today refused to deny he had ditched his mask in the theatre – but bizarrely claimed: “The Prime Minister follows all Covid rules.”

Told he does not, in fact, do that, because he apologised for not wearing a mask in a hospital, she replied: “On the hospital, you heard his comments on that at liaison committee last week.

“I mean that he observes all Covid rules.”

The Guardian saw a photo of the Prime Minister in the theatre, with someone believed to be a family member, at what has been described as a sold-out run of the play.

According to the newspaper, there was also an announcement about mask-wearing, signs up around the building requesting it, and an e-mail to attendees saying: “Remember to wear a face covering at all times throughout the building unless you are exempt.”

Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a play about a king who is murdered by an ambitious lord and his conniving wife, only to be overthrown by warring factions.

Some Tory MPs have reportedly written no confidence letters in the PM, who swept to power after MPs kicked out Theresa May in 2019.

No10 declined to comment on whether Boris Johnson learned anything from the play.

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