Botox Overkill and Weight Gain Cause Tom Cruise’s Unrecognizable Facial.


Tom CruiseHis appearance is a bit different these days. Both tabloids and his fans think that his cheeks look noticeably bigger. Gossip Cop investigates.

Tom Cruise’s Gone From ‘Chiseled’To ‘Fuller’What?

According to In Touch, Cruise’s face is looking a little stranger these days. The Interview with the VampireRecently, the star attended a Dodgers match where his face was a little puffier than usual. This wouldn’t really be news, but Cruise’s chiseled face is iconic. One Twitter user commented, “Mission impossible to recognize.”

The tabloid reveals that Cruise’s face is the result of Botox overkill, fillers, and a grueling schedule. According to a plastic surgeon, “His eyes appear to be pretty fatigued… he looks older than he’s ever looked — and it looks like he’s gained a lot of weight.”Another doctor said, “His eyebrows are also a little on the low side, which indicates he could have had Botox in his forehead as well.”

Hayley Atwell, another source, is also credited for the weight gain. “Doesn’t everyone who settles into a new relationship put on some pounds?”According to an insider, Botox is also her fault. “Tom is 20 years older than her, so of course he’s trying to look as young as possible. But he went a little too far with the Botox and fillers this time.”

What’s Going On With Cruise?

It’s true that Tom Cruise made waves when he didn’t look 100% like Cruise. TouchThis entire story is a bit late. Gossip CopAlready debunked National Enquirer’s story about a Botox obsession, while the GlobeHayley Atwell was already a part of his weight gain. 

Another story revealed that the tabloid tried to cite speculating doctors to claim Cruise was hurting himself. They are not qualified to give Cruise medical attention. This is every inch In TouchThis story has been covered previously.

All of these stories claim to have answers for the Cruise face conundrum, but none of them could possibly know what’s going on. Cruise’s personal life is notoriously hard to read. It was not even confirmed that Cruise and Atwell had ever been together. In TouchIt sounds so sure, but it also hedges its bets between botox and romance.

There’s History Here

This is the same tabloid that ran a cover story about Tom Cruise leaving Scientology, yet he’s still a devoted member. It promised a tell all with Howard Stern, but it never happened. Its Cruise coverage was a joke. You cannot trust this weight/Botox/Hayley Awell story.

Unless Cruise sits back down with Oprah Winfrey, which is doubtful on its own, we’ll probably never know what exactly is going on. This could be Botox or his natural aging. Whatever it is, there’s no way this tabloid has any real insight into his life or appearance.

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