Boutiques are seized by police with $40 million worth of counterfeit designer goods


A suburban mom was accused of selling counterfeit designer goods out her Long Island boutique basement. Police confiscated $40 million worth of fake products.

Police say they also seized printing machines that 31-year-old Lindsay Castelli allegedly used to print the fake designer labels — including Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Dior, Hermes and Louis Vuitton — that turned cheap knockoffs into seemingly high-end clothes and accessories.

“She’s a typical mother in a typical community, except she was running a scam,”Inside Edition: Patrick Ryde, Nassau County Police Commissioner, shares his story. “My wife has been in that store.”

Ryder showed Alison Hall, Inside Edition reporter, the amazing trove of items seized in the raid by the police.

“That is a typical baseball cap that you buy for $3. They put the Gucci stuff on it, it now sells for $400,”Ryder stated.

Many of the clothes will be donated now to charity.

Castelli could receive a sentence of three years imprisonment if he is convicted. 


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