Boy, 10, is mauled as he tries to stroke the wolf after crossing a safety rail at the Zoo – World News


The 10-year-old boy was at home with his family when he crossed the safety line and placed his arm through the protective mesh. He attracted the attention of the wolf, who attacked him.

After trying to stroke a wolf, a 10-year-old boy was severely injured at Mexico’s zoo after he tried to grab his arm.

The young boy was at Zoologico Parque del Pueblo in Nezahualcoyotl with a relative when he crossed a safety rail and approached wolf’s enclosure.

According to the Nezahualcoyotl municipal government, the savage attack occurred around 3.30pm on the 6th of May.

According to reports, the young boy may have put his arm through a protective mesh in an attempt to draw the wolf’s attention.

The wolf attacked his arm.

After being taken by ambulance to La Perla Nezahualcoyotl General Hospital, the youngster had to be transferred by plane to the Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad de Zumpango because of the severity of his injuries.

In a statement, state government said: “Unfortunately, the wolf attacked the minor and wounded one of his arms so emergency protocols were activated and he was initially transferred to the Hospital de la Perla.”

Adolfo Cerqueda, the municipal president, called an emergency meeting with officials and members from the State Commission for Natural Parks and Fauna to discuss the incident.

Local authorities confirmed that they were providing support for the family and the boy during this difficult time.

No further information has been provided on the boy’s condition.

The investigation continues.

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