Brad Kelly is sentenced to prison in alarming domestic violence case


Brad Kelly, star on the reality TV show Bering SeagoldFor a domestic violence case in Alaska, he will be sentenced to time in prison. TMZ reported. In February, the gold miner was arrested in Alaska for assaulting his mother. According to police, staff from the hospital told them that the woman had suffered serious head injuries.

TMZ obtained a police report in which the woman said that after an argument with Kelly, she went to bed and woke up to find Kelly standing over her in a pool of her blood. The outlet did not provide any details about the severity of her head injury. 

Kelly told officers that Kelly believed the woman had fallen and struck her head against a table. However, they didn’t have any evidence to back this up. Kelly was taken into police custody and is currently being held since February 11. There is no date for his release. Kelly was accused of second-degree assault and violence against a female, which is recklessly attempting to cause serious injuries to another woman.

Jon-Marc Petersen is Kelly’s lawyer. TMZ that Kelly entered into a plea deal with prosecutors, pleading guilty to felony assault while the rest of the charges were dropped. After his hearing, Kelly was sentenced at four years in prison. Three of those were suspended. Petersen stated that Kelly might be released after eight months. This means that he can’t get in trouble behind bars. Kelly will serve five years probation after he is released. 

Kelly and his sons Kris and Andy have been divers. Bering Seagold since Season 2 of the Discovery Channel show in 2012. On-screen, the dynamic between the family and Brad is volatile. Kelly has a strained relationship that sometimes turns physical with Brad.

Kelly stole $13,000 worth gold from his brothers to help him pay for his baby boy in 2015. Kelly later admitted that he felt justified in taking the gold because he had helped his children pursue a mining career. He also considered it a good idea. “the price of working”He. Kelly’s ex-wife Wendy (Kris and Andy’s mother) is seldom seen on the show as their relationship has been strained since. She currently resides in Hawaii.

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