Brandi Carlile Lived her Dreams with ‘SNL’ Performance debut


Brandi Carlile stated that she was ready to perform. Saturday Night LiveHer wish was granted on Oct. 23rd, many years ago. “How it started vs how it’s going,”She captioned ” InstagramPhoto of her on the SNLstage as early as three years ago “Repost Aug. 21, 2018: On a recent trip to NYC when I was lucky enough to perform on @latenightseth I wandered accidentally into the SNL studio looking for the bathroom! I saw the stage and it took my breath away… I don’t know why but I’ve always seen it as a definitive “Okay, now you are a rockstar” moment in a person’s musical life…I just HAD to grab a pic on the iconic Saturday Night Live stage. ONE DAY we’ll get there man! Dreams come true every day.”

The Grammy-award-winning author and New York Times bestseller spoke with the six-time Grammy winner. Vanity FairBefore her performance, she spoke out about her desire to perform the show. It was something she had wanted to do for 20 years. “Every time an album comes out and I don’t get to do Saturday Night Live, I’m always so sad,”Carlile spoke in a telephone interview. “But here I am, right? And I can’t imagine a better time to play it. I feel really, really ready. I feel like I have the right songs, the right amount of confidence, the right amount of chill, like I can do this without freaking out and screwing it up, like I would’ve in my twenties.”

Carlile, who admits to being a joker, said that she was able to take part in the show because she has a gift for comedy. “I’ve got a warped, sick, dark sense of humor that not everybody gets all the time and you know, I’ll take the good with the bad for that,”She spoke. She was a hit with the audience. She performed her latest single “Broken Horses.”

Fond memories

One of the musicians recalls playing with Carlile in the past. The SNLPerformance was a moment of full circle and filled with nostalgia


Performance to be remembered

Carlile was able to wait for the moment on the famed stage, and it was well worth it. It is evident by the reactions.


There are not many words

This Twitter user thought Carlile’s performance was outstanding. This emoji allows their followers to see how great he thought it was.


She runs the world

Carlile was radiant with her shiny suit and live instrument. This Twitter user was in awe.


Nothing has changed

Carlile, who has been in business for over 20 years, is showing why she is still a force. One Twitter user said she is simply that good.


Not a fan.

One Twitter user is usually not interested in a particular topic. SNLMusical performances. They appreciate Carlile.


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