Brandi Lauren, former WWE star, shares a glimpse at OnlyFans With Photo Drop


Brandi Lauren is no longer with WWE, but she’s still busy with other projects like launching OnlyFans. Former WWE Superstar Recently, I went to Instagram to share pictures of her latest photoshoot. Lauren stated that the entire photoshoot is available on OnlyFans. Fans can subscribe for $19.99 per monthly. 

“Another selfie from the 0nlyflans shoot I did cause I’m obsessed with the outfit! Link in bio!” Lauren wrote the following Instagram post.Lauren made her WWE debut when she faced Lacey Evans in a NXT taping. When WWE acquired EVOLVE, she signed with the company. Lauren made television appearances during her time with WWE, including in Raw Underground segments. She was also one among the hot tub girls who participated in Damian Priest’s NXT North American Championship triumph and competed for the NXT Women’s Number. 1 Contendership Battle Royal,According to Fight for the Cause. WWE released Lauren in May 2021. 

Speaking with SE Scoops2021Lauren spoke about how she doesn’t have specific career goals. “This sounds crazy, but I’ve always just gone with the flow. My first year of wrestling, I didn’t have anything planned or anything like that,” Lauren said. “I had a lot cool opportunities. My goal in my first year of professional wrestling was to work with Shine on the preshow and one another state. My first year of wrestling saw me on Shine’s main show. Impact offered me a contract. I wrestled for Ring of Honor. I did everything.

“Then, I was like, what goals do I have? I don’t even know. It’s more that I don’t have any specific plans. I just follow the flow and see what happens. Lauren had previously competed at Impact Wrestling as well as the Shine Wrestling and independent circuits. Lauren lost to Melina in singles at Impact Wrestling’s August 2021 match. She is friends with WWE Superstar ShotziBlackheart. 

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