Brave Boy Finds Fire and Notifies Mom Just in Time to Help the Whole Family Make it Out Safely


After discovering that his house was on fire, a little boy alerted his family and ran to safety.

Tristan Cook (9 years old) was watching television with his siblings when he noticed smoke. He jumped up and found the room in flames.

Tristan leapt into action, and ran to the opposite room to alert his mom about the fire. 

The Ring camera captured these frantic moments.

His sister flew out on her hoverboard and all the siblings fled to safety. The family managed to escape safely, but the house outside Nashville was ruined. 

“Everyone came out unscathed,” Tristan’s mom, Tracey, told Inside Edition.

“[Tristan] is our little hero. He was so diligent about sticking with it and saying ‘Mom, mom, mom, there’s a fire,’”Tracey stated.

And Tristan’s siblings call him their hero, too.

Although the family lost almost everything, neighbors and friends have already offered to help.

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