Brazen Thieves Have Hit Baltimore With Video Doorbells


These thieves might not be the most visible in the criminal world.

Baltimore police have reported a brazen series of home thefts, in which people walk up to the doorbell and steal their cameras.

27 reports of theft have been received by the Baltimore Police Department from Patterson Park residents since Sept. 20. 

The thieves don’t seem to care that their faces are recorded by the cameras.

“Guy just went and pulled it out,”WMAR-TV was informed by Tom Prats, a resident.

Prats and his neighbours shared videos of their neighbors’ doorbell cameras being taken out.

“I saw a group of kids and then I saw like a hand, and then I didn’t see anything. So I tried to open it back up again, and then it kept saying video not found,”Stacie Forrest stated that the Ring camera she used was taken from her front yard this month.

She also said that the neighbor’s home was also affected. 

“It looked like it was a game. I walk every day and was walking back from Patterson Park and noticed that … I counted four people putting up new doorbells,”She spoke.

Ring offers a replacement program to owners who provide a copy the police report within 14-days of a theft.

Forrest stated that the most annoying thing about the incident was the fact that strangers came to her house and took a security system she had paid a lot for.

“There’s just something about you thinking you can take something that I worked for. That’s the thing with me. You thinking you can take it, OK … you can take this ass whooping too because that’s what I was ready to do and I’m just tired of it. Just tired of it,”She spoke.


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