Brazil Designer Recycles Skateboards By Melting Collected Bottle Caps in Pizza Ovens


A man in Brazil is churning out new skateboards from not-so-new materials.

“It’s made 100% from recycling plastic that is collected, recycled, and fabricated here in Rocinha,” Arian Rayegani from Na Laje Designs explained.

The plastic he uses is made from cap bottles.

Canadian ArianRayegani was the original creator of the project. Rayegani moved to Rio de Janeiro before the pandemic. So he can make these boards, Rayegani has even enlisted his neighbors to collect the bottles caps. 

Each one requires 500 bottle caps. Then, they are cleaned, churned then arranged and then melted in an oven.

He hopes that his business will be able produce more products from waste.

“Today we work on plastic, but tomorrow we want to be able to recycle paper, metal, glass, and beyond that,”Rayegani continues.

“We want to bring the next generation, bring the kids here, to learn about it, to prevent the issue, to not to bring into the ocean.”

Rayegani claims that his community produces more than 200 tonnes of garbage each day. He believes that the more he can reuse and recycle the trash, the better it will all be.