Brazilian Fisherman Survives by Clinging to Ocean Buoy for 2 days


According to reports, a fisherman fell off his boat off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean. He survived by holding on to an ocean buoy for two more days.

David Soares, 43 years old, went missing for two consecutive days. His boat was discovered adrift in Atlantic. A local fisherman rescued him Tuesday. BBC.

He told local news outlet, Brazil G1, he had fallen from his fishing vessel on Christmas after setting sail from Atafona beach in northern Rio de Janeiro and swam for four hours before he came across the buoy, which he managed to scale.

“For me the first 10 minutes were the most difficult because I wanted to get back to the boat at all costs,”He spoke to G1. “The water was choppy and it was windy… so I decided to let myself be carried along by the current in order to use less energy.”

Soares said that he “thought I would die of cold before any help would arrive,”As he held onto the buoy, Reports say that a local fisherman, determined to rescue him, came to his aid two days later.

BBC reports that Sores was treated for dehydration, and that he has resumed fishing.

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