BREAKING FIRST HORRROR PHOTOS OF Brit Aiden Aslin, captured by Russian troops in a gash and swelling eye


First time that a British man was pictured since being captured as a Russian prisoner of war, he is seen fighting for Ukraine.

An account on Telegram pro-Donetsk People’s Republic has shared a photo of Aiden Aslin, who bravely risked his life in order to protect the country from Vladimir Putin’s troops.

Aiden, also known as the name “Johnny”He quit his job as a caseworker and joined the Ukrainian Marines in 2018.

The 27-year-old was photographed in a new location. It shows him in a broken state, with handcuffs. His wrists are tied as he lifts his arms.

Aiden Aslin
Mariupol captured Aiden

When Vladimir Putin’s forces invaded his new home, Aiden who had previously volunteered to fight against ISIS in Syria, took up arms once again.

He had earlier in the week contacted his Blighty family to tell them that his units were running low on food and ammunition and at risk of being captured.

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