BREAKING: Train passengers stuck on trains for hours following an incident in which the driver was hurt


Reports indicate that passengers were left stranded after an incident in which one person was injured and the train driver was hurt.

A collision involving a person and a train between London Euston and Watford Junction has resulted in severe disruption at Euston — one of London’s busiest stations.

Some were stuck on non-moving trains at least 3 hours. Others were at the station until midnight, with no way home.

This tweet was posted by Euston just after noon on Friday morning. “All lines are still blocked due to an incident at #HarrowandWealdstone Emergency services are on site so we can’t reopen until everyone is safely off the railway

“We’re sorry to those of you caught up in the disruption. We’re doing our best to get you moving.”

Meanwhile, a number of passengers took to the platform to express their frustration at having their nights thrown into disarray, with a user named smallnorth writing: “My Euston 10pm train got stuck at Harrow, and I was sent back to Euston.

“Been on it for 3hrs now and am 0 miles closer to home.”

Another person replied half an hour later and provided more information. “Coming into to Euston, our announcer has just said emergency services still working as the driver was also seriously injured!”