BREAKING Vehicle ‘rams through crowds’ and’shots fired at Waukesha Christmas parade


A car crashed through a crowd at Sunday’s Christmas parade, injuring many.

According to Kaylee Staral, a local reporter, at least 30 people were injured in the Waukesha incident. Witnesses reported hearing gunshots.

After the vehicle ramming that took place at 4:40 p.m. local time (10:40 p.m. UK time), police evacuated this area.

Twitter has posted an unverified video showing a red 4×4 breaking down a barricade. Gunshot sounds can also be heard in the background. The New York Post reported that the noises were coming from the driver.

The vehicle is seen driving down the street at high speeds in front of stunned onlookers, according to recordings of the livestream by the city council.

Kayle Staral is a local journalist. “A car just ran through the middle of a downtown Waukesha.l parade. (sic) Multiple people on the ground injured.”

“Police shouting at least 30 people down and that shots were fired.”

“Heavy police and ambulance presence now. Tons of families with children running to their cars to leave the scene.”

Witnesses claimed that the driver hit the pavement. “several elderly women”while they fire rounds from their gun out of the car window

Shawn Reilly, Waukesha mayor, stated shortly afterwards that there was no danger to the public.

However, comments on the Facebook page of the local police station showed that local residents still felt concerned about their safety.

One resident, Erik Knudson, responded to a post by Waukesha police department advising the public about a Metro Transit Center family relocation center. “How will people in hiding know if it’s safe to leave?”

Lori Ann was another one. “Praying for the families affected”

Police are planning to hold a press conferece at Waukesha City Hall later in the evening.