Brenda Edwards returns to Loose Women, for the first time since Jamal’s passing


ITV has confirmed Brenda Edwards will return to the panel following her first television interview since the tragic death of Jamal Edwards, MBE, in February.

Loose Women actress Brenda Edwards will return to ITV this week. Monday’s episode will be her first televised interview after the tragic death her son Jamal Edwards.

SBTV’s founder and music mogul died suddenly in February. According to reports, he had passed away shortly before a. “sudden heart attack”.

Brenda and Jamal were laid to rest by his loved ones last month. Brenda now speaks out in a new interview about her loss and the support she received from her Loose Women costars.

Richard Arnold, Good Morning Britain host, confirmed her return to the show on Monday.

A clip of her interview with Coleen, her co-star, shows how she thanked the team. “at the end of the phone”In person.

She said she “needed”Jamal was thrilled to be able to return to the show, and it was an integral part of her life.

In the preview clip, Brenda tells Coleen: “It has been great having the ladies there and that is something which has been a big part of my life, and his life. I need to return.”

She continued: “I’ve missed everyone but I thank you for supporting me, and being there at the end of the phone with me.”

The complete interview will be broadcast on Monday as part of an emotional episode of ITV’s series.

According to Richard from GMB’s Richard, Brenda will be making her first appearance on the panel Tuesday after Jamal’s passing.

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