Brendan Fraser’s Ex-Wife AftonSmith?


Brendan Fraser was one of the biggest names in Hollywood in the ’90s. We all know his acting exploits. But how much do we know about the romance? Did you know that he had a former wife? AftonSmithCo-starred in one his biggest hits?

Fraser’s Romance With Fellow Actor Afton Smith

Fraser started acting in the early ’90s, and his career quickly took off. In 1993, the actor attended a Fourth of July barbecue at Winona Ryder’s house. He met Afton Smith there, an actress from the hit movie. We have less than zeroRyder, as well. Reality bites

The couple began dating and even appeared in a movie together: 1997’s George of The Jungle. Fraser played the titular role, while Smith played one of co-star Leslie Mann’s friends. One year later, the couple got married and now have three sons, Griffin, Holden,, and Leland. 

Smith said she had always dreamed of acting, but soon gave up on her career. “The passion kind of died for me in the acting world, and I thought best leave it to people who are really great at it.”

The Couple’s Split

Fraser and Smith announced their intention to divorce in 2007. “They continue to maintain a close and caring friendship,” Fraser’s publicist said in a public statement. The actor and his ex-wife sold their Beverly Hills home, and moved to Bedford, New York. 

Fraser was required to pay child support and alimony, but in 2013, he petitioned the courts to reduce his payments. He had previously been ordered to pay Smith $900,000. 

Fraser wasn’t acting as a regular actor at the time and claimed he couldn’t afford that much. Smith accused her husband of hiding financial assets. According to him, he concealed $9 million in new film contract contractsWhile they were trying to settle the details of their separation. 

Fraser’s Career Resurgence

Fraser didn’t have any acting gigs and the child support was reduced. In recent years, however, Fraser has experienced a revival in his acting career. Star roles in projects like “The Last Stand” are now available for the once-struggle actor. BatgirlMartin Scorsese and the Martin Scorsese project Killers of the Flower Moon

Fraser’s marriage to Smith might not have worked out, but it’s nice to see that the beloved actor is continuing to be recognized for his work years after his Hollywood beginnings.

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