Brendan Fraser’s “The Whale” Transformation has Fans Stood


Brendan Fraser is continuing to rise in Hollywood, with his new role in The WhaleDarren Aronofsky’s upcoming drama, titled “The Future of Drama”. Fraser, 53, is a 600-pound mourning man who tries to reconnect with his estranged child (played in the movie by Stranger ThingsSadie Sink), after she abandoned her mother and her years before. Fraser, who had struggled with weight in the past, gained some weight for the role and then wore a lot of prosthetics.

This week, A24Charlie, the first picture of Fraser in his role as Charlie was released. Although some are worried that the movie will be fatphobic because of its premise, others simply love the character Charlie. George of The JungleAnd Gods and MonstersAmazing transformation by actor. You can scroll through the gallery to see some reactions to the original photo.

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“What in the absolute f?”One fan wrote. “Is he for real or is that movie magic??”


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“I love #BrendanFraser and hope this movie does well and perhaps an Oscar nod!”One person Tweet. A user on Instagram wrote: “Let The Brenaissance begin!”


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“I can’t wait to see Brendan in his new lead role,”An additional person Write. “Teenage me is geeked.”


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“Glad to see Brendan Fraser a fellow Hoosier finally getting recognized for his comeback,”Another person tweeted. “Dude has been killing it in Doom Patrol for a few years and has been taking on some fantastic roles even more recently.”


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“Brendan Fraser can start preparing a lot of variations of his speech because if it’s any good I think he’s sweeping all the way to the Oscars,”An excited fan Write.


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“Could not be more interested or excited for this film,”Yet another person WriteAfter viewing the photo. Another Additional, “WOW!!!! Can’t wait to see it on screen!!!!!”