Brexit travel rules: How can you get around the 90-day limit to stay longer in Europe?


Brits are now restricted in their time in EU countries, as a result of the Brexit rules.

These new rules were introduced at the peak of the pandemic. Many Brits might not have noticed that travel abroad was limited by Covid-19.

Many Brits will travel abroad for the first time since the Brexit travel rules were put in place.

The 90-day restriction can be a difficult reality for those who are planning to stay longer in Europe or make multiple trips within the same 180-day period. However, Brits can still avoid the rule by using loopholes and not incurring any fines.

Work Holiday Visas

One way to do this is to apply for a working visa. This permits UK citizens aged between 25-31 to stay up to 12 months in a country.

Brits can legally work in the country during their stay to pay for their living expenses. It is worth checking the visa requirements for the country that you are planning to visit as they may vary from one member state to the next.


If you’re a regular traveller to Europe and the 90-day limit is too restrictive for you, you could consider applying for the citizenship of an EU country.

Maybe you have personal or professional ties to EU countries that will increase your chances for being accepted as citizens. Or perhaps you have an ancestral claim which, if proven could provide you with that opportunity.

Many Brits can trace back their origins to Ireland, Germany. France. Belgium. The Netherlands. Spain. Italy. Poland. Hungary. Sweden. Denmark. Brits who are of mixed heritage or descendents from migrant families find it easier to trace their roots.

Spain and other countries have even launched initiatives to grant citizenship to descendants of Sephardic Jews exiled hundreds of years ago.

Golden Visas

Although the concept of ‘golden visas’Recently, it has been under scrutiny that some EU member countries are allowing wealthy foreigners to enter the bloc.

Spain, Portugal Portugal, Greece and Malta are all offering schemes that allow non-EU citizens to acquire residence permits or citizenship by purchasing expensive properties or making large investments in their countries.

In the past, wealthy oligarchs in countries like Russia or China used this scheme to funnel their money. ‘black money’Join the EU to have influence on policies in member states.

Each country will have its own rules for applying for a golden visa and the criteria that you must meet in order to obtain one. Because of the history of past problems, it is possible to expect rigorous checks to determine your eligibility.

Freelance Visa

A freelance visa allows you to stay for up to 3 months and is an easy way to gain EU residency.

This visa is especially relevant to writers, artists, or digital nomads. But once you have obtained this visa, you can apply for a 3-year residency to continue living in the country.

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