Briana DeJesus’ Ex arrives, and Things Soon Turn Chaotic


Teen Mom 2On the night, Devoin Austin, a star, joined the party Teen Mom: Family ReunionTuesday’s episode. His reunion with Briana deJesus, his ex-wife, wasn’t all that happy. DeJesus and Austin consulted Dr. Cheyenne Bryant to discuss their co-parenting relationship. The conversation quickly turned sour. 

DeJesus spoke with the other mothers who were on the trip and decided that Austin should be invited to the retreat. The couple, who have a 10-year-old daughter Nova and are friends, started to get along well after he arrived. Austin shared some good news with DeJesus, telling him that he planned to propose to Jasmin. DeJesus was very happy for Austin and shared with the camera that he planned to propose to Jasmin. Unfortunately, the good vibes didn’t last very long. 

Austin and DeJesus sat down together with Dr. Bryant in order to find the root cause of their problems. Austin started by saying that he was a fan of the “downfall”The relationship between the couple began with “inconsistency,”Particularly in relation to their schedules. He said that Nova hadn’t been to him in a while. Austin explained that Nova had told him she wanted to visit, but he later heard from DeJesus she didn’t want her to. Bryant asked Austin whether DeJesus is able to rely on Austin. Austin said that she trusts him. She disagrees. 

DeJesus stated that Austin wasn’t there to help Nova host her birthday party. He said that it wasn’t that important, and that he had more important things at home. They began to fight because they had different views on how serious the issue was. Bryant tells Austin that DeJesus is able to fix everything that Austin had said about Nova’s former partner. “override”The “experience”That he shared with his daughter. 

DeJesus then spoke about the inconsistencies she has experienced with Austin. She stated that Austin had been living on a couch for five years at one time. He disagreed with her claim and said that the time period was only a year-and-a half. Austin continued his anger, stating that he didn’t want to be lied about in camera. Austin threatened to leave the scene if things continued in the same way.