Bride and Groom Face a Blizzard and Say “I Do” in Rhode Island’s Historic Snowfall


These brave souls trek through snow to reach a wedding! 

Sally Irujo and Adam Irujo were in a wild scene when they decided to hold their ceremony in Providence, Rhode Island despite the fact that it had received 20 inches of fresh snow. It was the biggest snowfall the area has ever seen. 

When guests were asked whether they thought that, “Anybody want to share a little story about this lovely couple?”One crack, “One time Sally and Adam made us go to their wedding in a blizzard!”

As the bride made her way through the ceremony, she wore ski pants. 

A Massachusetts couple is snowshoving to raise money for their wedding in Framingham. 

Some parts of Massachusetts were frozen solid by sea spray, including Brant Rock. The famous Nantucket resort island was also underwater. 

New York: Sisters headed to Central Park after the storm hit. Washington Square was also home to hundreds of snowball fighters. 

A plane crashed into luggage carts at O’Hare Airport, Chicago. 

You can watch the video below to learn more about the ways people around the country made use of the snow storm and see details about Sally and Adam getting married in a chilly ceremony.