Bride and groom pose in coffins for a fake cremation in a grave-themed wedding shoot


The viral video of a young couple’s “spooky” relationship has gone viral after the coffin was used for a pre-wedding shoot.

After stunning Facebook users with her macabre take of traditional nuptial photos, Nonts Kongchaw, a 32-year-old Thai graphic designer, and her female partner shared the photo series tens of thousand of times last Thursday.

These sensational photos show Nonts wearing a silver suit and his partner wearing a long white wedding gown.

One image shows the couple leaning against a column gravestone, behind which is a sign that reads: “Marry Me.”

Nonts Kongshaw and his partner have sparked controversy on Facebook after posting the macabre images last week
After sharing the macabre images posted last week, Nonts Kongshaw (and his partner) have been in hot water on Facebook.

The gothic-infuenced couple pose in a more sinister way. One sees the woman draw a silk cover over Nonts while Nonts is holding a bouquet. Another view shows her visiting him while he is cremated.

This provocative stunt caused quite a stir among Thai netizens. Some saw the photos as being disrespectful and others said they would cause a curse on the marital bond.

It is not known whether the pair from Thailand are actually engaged
It is unknown if the couple from Thailand are engaged.

One user posted a warning on Facebook and commented below the photo of the groom. “Seriously… Things like this have a curse.. If you know how to do it, you have to know how to fix it. Playing with invisible things like this.. It’s not a toy and it’s not a joke .. Otherwise, disaster occurs… “

Another voice agreed with this sentiment: “Please be warned, this kind of thing has a mystical, everything related to rituals related to death, the end of life, all things are magical and powerful. in all cases, if it is not yet the right time If you want to know more, try asking the undertaker.

In one of the shocking images the bride visits the groom as he is 'cremated'
One of the most shocking images shows the bride visiting the groom while he is being ‘cremated.

“I dare to warn you because I used to be a kid from an old temple who was used by Luang Pho to help many burials.”

Others jumped to their defense and praised their creativity and experimentation. One comment: “Oh, it’s really scary. 10/10.”

According to Mashable South East Asia, it is unknown if the couple are actually engaged.

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