Britain’s most wanted man has been convicted of violating a criminal law.


Robinson was released from prison after spending two nights in cell. He pleaded guilty to not leaving a property after being asked.

One of Britain’s most indicted men has pleaded guilty for violating his criminal conduct order in his nearly 700th conviction.

Andrew Robinson, 52 years old, confessed to violating his criminal behavior order in front of Oxford Magistrates Court.

Robinson was asked by Oxford homeless shelter staff to leave on October 19, after he became abusive and the staff refused to give him hot food.

He called his staff ‘b ** s’He was told to go for three hours.

Robinson returned two hours later, then he laid in front of the door as staff told him that he still had one hour before he could return in.

Robinson appeared before the court after spending two nights in prison cells. He pleaded guilty to not leaving a property after being asked.

Ann SawyerBrandish, prosecutor, listed his previous convictions. ‘lengthy’.

Chris Thompson, who was attempting to mitigate the situation, asked why it took so long for his client before he could appear in front of the court.

‘Vulnerable’Robinson was suffering from alcoholism as well as mental and physical illness. Robinson was looking for a place in a London residential home that specialized in helping the disabled.

Fining him £50 and ordering he pay a £34 victim surcharge, chairman of the bench John Kearsey said: “I think I’ve seen you before – I think we’ve all seen you coming and going. There’s not a lot we can really do, is there?”