British security guard at embassy accused of spying for Russia denies knowing secrets


David Smith, a security officer at the British Embassy Berlin has been charged under the Official Secrets Act 1911 with nine offences. “the collection and communication of information useful to the Russian state”

Former security guard at the British Embassy in Berlin is being accused of spying. “secret”Information to Russia, a court heard

David Smith, who was in Postdam, was arrested and extradited back into the UK. He was charged with nine offenses under the Official Secrets Act 1911 according to Metropolitan police.

He denied the nine offenses he was charged with today at Westminster Magistrates Court.

Scotland Yard stated that the charges were related “to the collection and communication of information useful to the Russian state”.

Smith was extradited on Wednesday after his arrest by German police on August 10 last year.

He is accused of gathering information from the embassy and passing it onto someone he believed represented the Russian state, as well as other alleged offences, between October 2020 and August last year.

The charges allege Smith “Attempted to communicate” by letter with “General Major Sergey Chukhurov, the Russian military attaché based out of the Russian Embassy, Berlin”.

The material “included details about the activities of Her Majesty’s Civil Service members, including their addresses, telephone numbers, and identities.”.

Smith is accused of committing acts “prejudicial” to the safety and interest of the state by gathering information classified as “Secret” about the “activities of Her Majesty’s government”.

He allegedly “The British Embassy Berlin in Berlin: A collection of material”, with that information thought or intended to be “It is useful for an enemy, specifically the Russian state.”.

Smith also allegedly made unauthorised photocopies of documents, video recordings of the embassy’s CCTV system and “kept sim card packaging” he had been asked to “Get rid of”.

The ex-embassy worker gave information about building repairs at the embassy after being approached by someone he “This man is believed to be part of Russian Military Intelligence, the GRU”, the charges claim.

Nick Price, head of the special crime and counter terrorism division at the CPS, said: “David Smith has been charged with nine offences contrary to the Official Secrets Act.

“He is accused of seven offences of collecting information with the intent of sending it to the Russian authorities, one of attempting communication, and one of providing information to a person he believed was a member of the Russian authorities.

“After reviewing the case and authorising charges, we obtained an extradition warrant and worked closely with our German counterparts in order to bring Mr Smith back to the UK.”

The 57-year-old was remanded in custody and is due to appear at the Old Bailey on April 13.

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