Britney Spears Calls out Paparazzi Photos of Her Leaving Public Bathroom


Britney SpearsHe was fed up.

On Wednesday, December 1, “Stronger”Singer called out paparazzi for taking photos as she entered and left a Los Angeles gas station bathroom. An Instagram postBritney said that she had experienced a “s–tty day yesterday”The invasive encounter was a problem, but I managed to get over it after some self-love.

“Paps took pics of me coming out of a public bathroom,”She wrote. “I mean how embarrassing is that ????”

Britney also shared a video collection Madonna‘s “Vogue,”The video featured her modeling various outfits in front a Christmas tree. According to the pop star at 39, fashion was a way for her to have fun and lift her spirits.

“So right when I got home I had a PFC … it means ‘party for confidence‘ and I swear if you have confidence struggles or low self esteem and need to practice walking with your head held high and kinda hunched over,”She continued by telling her fans that she “must try it !!!!”

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