Britney Spears Conservatorship ended Friday in Los Angeles Courtroom


Britney Spears celebrated independence Friday, when her legal conservatorship came to an abrupt halt. 

A judge ruled in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom to end a conservatorship that has controlled Spears’ money and life for nearly 14 years.

Judge Judge Brenda Penny sided with Spears’ attorney and court-appointed administrators who have publicly supported dissolving the conservatorship.

The singer shared images on Instagram of herself wearing the outfit. “Free Britney”T-shirt given in advance of the scheduled proceeding. It was a nod towards the #FreeBritney movement which grew among celebrities and fans.

Previously, Spears, 39, had testified via telephone testimony, criticizing her father’s control of the conservatorship and saying he was abusive and forced her to receive medical treatment and to perform when she was sick.

Her father refuted all of these claims and said that he was protecting her. In September, he was removed from the conservatorship.


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