Britney Spears is a great example of how it works “Growing Into Her True Self”She Turns 40


Britney SpearsShe is doing something big for her birthday

A source tells E! News that the singer—who turned 40 on Tuesday, Dec. 2—and her fiancé Sam Asghari are “so excited to celebrate” her special day following the termination of her decade-long conservatorship.

Britney and SamThese are currently vacationing in Mexico, where the insider says the couple are having a “huge celebration.”

“It’s the first birthday where Britney doesn’t feel like she’s just withering away,”According to the source. “This year, they’re happy to celebrate Britney getting older because she’s finally growing into her true self.”

The insider gives you the scoop on the pop star. “She finally feels like she has purpose and Britney wants to celebrate that to the fullest.”

According to the source Sam is “going all out on gifts for Britney”As the couple “want to completely live it up and not be low-key about it.” 

So what is a celebration fitting for Princess of Pop? Britney shared a glimpse of that Tuesday with her fans. Video montage taken at her tropical getawayThe celebration began with a balloon display to wish her a happy Birthday.