Britney Spears Shakes Her Hips While Soaking Sunshine During Maui Workout


Britney Spears is still in Maui, and she’s still celebrating her newfound freedom after the dissolution of her conservatorship. While she’s been feuding with sister Jamie Lynn Spears in recent weeks after her sister released a new book, Spears’ latest Instagram posts are far happier.

The pop star showed her dance moves and workouts to her Instagram fans, even revealing that she got to do a hula dance. Also gone are the days where red was a focus for the singer, with yellow getting plenty of love recently.

“Yellow hello !!!!” Spears wrote in the caption for the hip-filled post. “So the gym in Maui was beautiful and working out is way better in Maui especially when you can squeeze in ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ movements outside by the fountain.”

Spears also posted another video rocking the yellow, showing off her workout routine in the Maui gym. “So I was a little too excited for my trip to Maui!!!!” Spears wrote in the caption for the second video. “I might have overdone it a bit… Here’s me at the gym doing an intense workout … I’m sweating A LOT!!!

“Honestly after being that sick before I have the need to survive in a different way !!!!” she continued. “Being present in the utmost way!!!!! Pushing it just a TOUCH does wonders in my opinion…God speed … God speed!!!!!:”

As The Blast adds, these clips come on the heels of fans mulling over another photo that seems to tease Spears could be pregnant. In the photo, Spears is clad in a blue dress and is holding her hands over her stomach. Many quickly started to speculate in the comments of the photo, assuming the pop star is dropping hints about her personal life now and now just about her conservatorship.

“Here’s me playing in my new dress. If I ever did a clothing line, it would be similar to this,” Spears wrote in the caption. “When I got to this farm, I took my shoes off and ran.”

Despite the lack of any mention of pregnancy, fans were connecting dots. Now whether those dots are real or fictional remains to be seen.

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