Britney Spears Suspected to Be Considering a $60M Divorce Within 39 Days of her Wedding


Is it? Britney Spearsshe is on her third divorce? One tabloid’s cover story claims the honeymoon is already over for Spears and her new hubby, Sam Asghari. Let’s check in on the newlyweds.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari ‘Over Already’?

This week In Touch According to the outlet, Britney is already regretting marrying Sam Asghari. The outlet remarked on how Spears deleted her Instagram only days after her wedding. They then sent a message about the how it felt to be unfaithful. “weird”Asghari, her new partner in life, is. “The excitement has worn off,” an insider divulges. “She seems to be having second thoughts about all the changes in her life. She’s already talked about returning the wedding presents, and those close to her think a divorce could be coming soon.”

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The source then points to Asghari’s comments in a recent interview with GQAbout refusing to be a “house husband”You want to make Spears’s budget work. “After the last 13 years, Britney isn’t about to go back to asking for permission to spend her own hard-earned money. Sam’s ideas are too controlling—just like her dad when he was her conservator!”Spears appears to be afraid of losing any control. “Her friends think she wants out,”The tipper concludes.

Is Britney Spears Getting A Divorce?

It didn’t take long to unravel this entire story. First of all, in Britney Spears’ Now-deleted Instagram PostLearn more “weird” her new life was, she wasn’t referring to Asghari—she was talking about her brand new house. “It’s so weird I wake up and everything is new,”The pop star wrote “new pool … new kitchen … new bed … I think I am in shock !!!”

So, we seriously doubt she’s suddenly having doubts. Spears has been with Aghari since 2006 She even joined Aghari in June 2001. She told the court during her conservatorship hearingShe decided to get married and try to have a child with Asghari. This was far from an unexpected decision.

And finally, the outlet takes Sam Asghari’s Comment on his GQInterviewThis is a huge departure from the context. He never mentioned putting Spears under a budget or controlling her finances in the transcript. He simply said that if it was up to him, tHey would live off of $60 a day because that’s what he can afford. He made it clear that he doesn’t mooch off of Spears, and for that reason, he lives a very frugal lifestyle. Spears was also called a friend in the same exchange. “real life princess”He detailed all his efforts to plan the perfect proposal.

He’s only ever spoken admirably of his wife, and it’s just offensive to both parties to spread these rumors of his “controlling” behavior. Earlier this month, Spears posted a video of them looking completely loved-up on a boat ride during their honeymoon, so it’s safe to say there was no truth to this insulting story.

More Divorce speculation from the Tabloid

Asghari and Spears are not the only ones to receive this treatment. In Touch. The outlet reported last year that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were heading for a divorce worth $150 million. The magazine then claimed Reese Witherspoon tried desperately to avoid a $225 million divorce. And more recently, the publication alleged Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s marriage was “hanging by a thread.” Since all of these couples are still together, it’s obvious In Touch isn’t trustworthy anywhere the subject of divorce is concerned.

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