Britney Spears Won’t Be Deposed in Conservatorship Case


Britney Spears has scored another legal victory.

E! appeared in court on July 27th, Los Angeles. News was present at the Los Angeles court hearing on July 27, where E! Judge Brenda Penny ruled that the pop star will not have to sit for a deposition in her conservatorship case. 

Britney’s father Jamie Spears originally filed a motion that his daughter be deposed as he gathers evidence in his defense against the surveillance allegations made against him in his former role as conservator of Britney’s estate.

Jamie’s lawyer stood firm at the fact that Jamie did. “nothing wrong”In the conservatorship, which was ended in November 2021 after almost 13 years, he also stated that he “will be vindicated”One way or the other.

Britney’s lawyer was present in court Mathew Rosengart Published a “plea for decency”Jamie should withdraw his request. “Whether he believes it or not, or accepts it or not, his daughter feels traumatized by what she went through for more than a decade at his hands.”He claimed that Britney would be traumatized by a deposition.

The judge ultimately ruled in favor of Britney, saying Jamie’s defense will be limited to other sources. Britney did not need to give Jamie her current address as it was considered irrelevant to the case. 

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