Brits are expecting a warmer summer than the average as they prepare for a heat spell next week


According to forecasters, the UK could see more heatwaves after last week’s scorcher.

Fears were spreading that the Great British Summer was over. Friday’s scorching high of 33C dropped to a chilly 15C in many areas of the country over the weekend.

But the good news for sunseekers has quickly returned as meteorologists predict another week of hot weather to descend — and it may be followed by many more warm spells to come.

The Met Office’s weather outlook for Wednesday (June 22,) to Thursday (June 23,) can be found here: “Mainly dry with plenty of sunshine, feeling warm. Scotland and Northern Ireland cloudier at times with light rain/drizzle. More unsettled and cooler from Friday with risk of showers for most.”

Sunny scenes may return sooner rather than later after last week's heatwave abruptly ended
Sunny scenes may soon return after the abrupt end of last week’s heatwave (stock photo)

Simon Partridge, from the Met Office, gave some estimates of what mercury levels might reach. He said that the we are “probably looking at 28C on Thursday”In the north, temperatures can reach up to -40°C “up to 25C.”

Looking ahead to the rest, he stated: “As we go into mid July there’s a reasonable signal from the models that things will be above average temperature wise so it could warm up a bit more than usual as we go into July.”

“It does look as if mid July, which is quite a long way off and things can change, but most of the major models signal a warmer than average spell.”

Weather for June 22
Weather Wednesday, June 22nd

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It comes after one forecaster suggested around four heatwaves of ‘at least 28C’ would reach our shores this year — and warned that we should “take them seriously”.

Leon Brown, from Weather Company, predicts that the first heat wave will strike in early July. A second one is expected to hit the second half.

A third is expected to be added in August. September will see a spectacular finale that gives the summer a fitting send-off.