Brittany Murphy: What Happened To Brittany Murphy’s final years?


Brittany Murphy was an actress of great potential who tragically died at 32. Now a new HBO Max documentary looks into the star’s troubled final years.

Murphy married Simon Monjack, a screenwriter when she died. In “What Happened, Brittany Murphy,” it’s alleged that Monjack was a con artist and contributed to his wife’s demise.

“During a little dip she was having, he came along. And I think that’s where her judgment was muddled, and she became prey,” Murphy’s friend, actress Kathy Najimy, says in the documentary. “We all were scared and freaked out, like, who was this guy?”

Monjack is also alleged to have lied about his past in the documentary.

“Simon said that he dated Elle McPherson and Madonna. He said that he had been dying from terminal brain cancer and had bought an experimental treatment derived from sharks’ fins. Every single word out of his mouth was a lie,” The trailer’s man speaks.

In 2009, Murphy’s mother found her daughter unconscious in the Los Angeles home she shared with the couple and frantically called 911. Her death was ruled accidental by multiple drug intoxication, anemia, pneumonia.

Ninety prescription bottles were discovered in Murphy’s bedroom, according to the documentary. Murphy may also have anorexia.

In an appearance on the “Today” show, her husband denied she was abusing prescription drugs.

“Brittany was not taking any medication for her mood, for anorexia, for any kind of mental illness,” Monjack said.

Monjack succumbed to pneumonia five months later than Murphy.

In 2013, Murphy’s father told Inside Edition that he believed she might have been killed with rat poison.

The new documentary is streaming live on HBO Max Thursday.

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