Brittany Picolo­Ramos and her Husband have the Cutest Relationship on HGTV


Brittany PicoloRamos is married to Marco Ramos since over 15 years. He is also the owner of Godwyn & Stone Real EstateBrittany is employed in the following: According to Reality TitbitThey met in July 2005, a month before Hurricane Katrina. They fell in love immediately and they were married three months later. She was only 20 and he was 19. They were married one year later.

They became close friends because of their shared love of real-estate. Brittany, who began her career in realty in 2013, started her own company in 2015, the Picolo-Ramos Team. Marco was not a real estate professional, but he agreed to join her team. They quickly became a powerful duo in real estate. Brittany writes that they became a real estate power couple. Her website: “My team was consistently the top one or two teams in an office of over 500 agents.”

The couple made even more career moves in 2019. Marco founded Godwyn & Stone Real Estate and Brittany tagged along. As seen on, she currently heads the team of agents. The Big Easy: Selling.

Brittany points out that even though they work in the same field, Brittany is very different from her husband. “We are the embodiment of the saying ‘Opposites Attract’ but even with how different we are, our differences make us stronger, more motivated, and an unstoppable force,” She posted on Instagram.

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